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Looking for free birthday meals? FavoriteCandle lists restaurant coupons; most are valid for 7 to 30 days during the month of your birthday. Plan on eating out frequently during your birthday month, not just on 1 day.

In the distant past you just showed up at a restaurant on your birthday and showed an ID for a birthday freebie. Those days are long gone. Today you have to sign up for a restaurant's birthday club with your email address to eat free. The advantage is that now, you don't have to choose just one restaurant for your birthday.

Using coupons from our list of 200+ restaurant clubs it's possible to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day during the month of your birthday. And, on most days you could also take a break for a free ice cream, drink or piece of pie.

When you signup for a restaurant's birthday freebie today you'll also get a coupon valid starting tomorrow for a meal, snack, drink or dessert. For example, Ruby Tuesday's eclub sends a coupon valid for 14 days to use immediately for a free entrée. Just before your birthday you'll get another coupon valid for 14 days to use during the month of your birthday.

Sign up with restaurant clubs now even if your birthday is months away. You'll be rewarded with email coupons for free and discounted meals that you can use immediately.

Ready to go? Take a few finutes and get the best value from the free birthday meals on our list by reading our Strategy Guide first. It's possible to overindulge and be flooded with restaurant coupons that expire before you can use them. Our Strategy Guide shows how to avoid that and make you an expert restaurant club participant. Can't wait? Type your zip code in the box above and click on search. Canadian postal codes work too.