About FavoriteCandle

We connect people to the best restaurant email clubs in the USA and Canada.

The restaurant business is very competitive. Restaurants offer incentives to get you to try them out and retain you as a repeat customer. Thousands of restaurant locations have email clubs that send out free meals and discounted offers. FavoriteCandle finds the email clubs for you and lists them in our database.

FavoriteCandle connects you to the signup pages of the best restaurant email clubs in your neighborhood. Most of the restaurants in the FavoriteCandle listings are going to give you a reward just for signing up and your birthday. That’s just the beginning of what you’ll receive for registering. Fasten your seat belts for a stream of ecoupons that will flow all year long. Many clubs will send you free meals or BOGO (buy one get one free) coupons for your anniversary of club registration, your wedding anniversary, ½ birthday; new menu items they are promoting. Be prepared for a flood of ecoupons for holidays including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, July 4th, Cinco Del Mayo, Teacher Appreciation Days and dozens more.

Once upon a time restaurant Birthday rewards were valid only on your birthday. That is very rare to find now.  Most birthday rewards are valid for at least the week of your birthday. Many are valid for the calendar month of your birthday. Signup for multiple email clubs and s-t-r-e-t-c-h your celebration by dining and desserting out as many times as you can.

To get the most from your restaurant email club experience you need a strategy. Click here for our plan.

We hope you enjoy eating out at new places, more often and for less.

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