100+ Instant Free Restaurant Meals - Just Sign Up!

Art Stevens   August 8, 2022

A tray of 3 Arbys roast beef sandwiches, french fries and onion rings with sides of ketchup. One hand is visible reaching for onion rings and another grasping for the
         free roast beef sandwich.

More than 100 restaurants will give you a free meal or menu item if you simply signup for their email list. Sign up for Arby's email list today and you'll receive a coupon tomorrow for a free Roast Beef Classic Sandwich. No special occasion required and the coupon is valid for 7 days.

Welcome to FavoriteCandle. We're all about showing you how to dine out for free starting today at hundreds of restaurants nationwide. We'll show you how to get instant coupons for free meals, appetizers, drinks and snacks. You don't have to be having a special occasion to use coupons. Enroll with restaurants today and receive ecoupons valid starting tomorrow.

Check out the articles below for how to maximize your experience. You definitely don't want to flood yourself with coupons that expire because you run out of time to use them. Read our Strategy Guide for pacing tips.

You'll find that most restaurants will also give you a free birthday item when your special day rolls around. If that's your main interest checkout our article Top 10 Free Birthday Meals..

A 3D rendering of an enter key on a computer keyboard. Instead of the text enter, the key is labeled coupons. This indicates
              you'll get restaurant coupons when you press the enter key. The coupon key is bright red while the other keys are bright yellow
              for contrast. Click on the image to go to the article titled Free Restaurant Meals Strategy Guide.

Free Restaurant Meals Strategy Guide

Want coupons? Start eating out free tomorrow by signing up for restaurant email lists. Donít join them all at once. Read this article first for expert tips and tricks to get free and discounted meals during the entire year.

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Drawing of a black arrow pointing down. To the right of the down arrow is the letter A and Z stacked on
              top of each other. The intent is to indicate that the following article is coverage of a topic from A to Z.
              Click on the image to go to the article titled 100+ Free Restaurant Meals - The Complete List.

100+ Free Restaurant Meals - The Complete List

From Applebees to Zoes Kitchen we show you what they offer and how to get the deals. Start receiving restaurant coupons by signing up for email lists and downloading apps.

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An artist's drawing of a festive birthday burger with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and onions on a sesame seed bun.
              There are 7 red burning candles on top.
              Click on the image to go to the article Top 10 Free Birthday Meals.

Top 10 Free Birthday Meals

Get the inside scoop on how to score free meals, drinks and desserts on your birthday at the top 10 restaurants for free birthday meals.

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Photo of 4 different color pushpins marking 4 dates on a calendar in 1 month. It is meant to be representative of how you
              can enjoy free birthday meals throughout your birthday month, not just on the date of your birthday.
              Click on the image to get to the article Eat Out for Free During Your Birthday Month.

Eat Out for Free During Your Birthday Month

Most restaurants now let you use your free meal coupon for a least the week of your birthday. Some go as far as having their coupon valid for an entire month. Read how to stretch free dining to your entire birth month.

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