Chipolte BOGO Burrito, Salad or Tacos

Chipotle Burritos

Play a short game to receive a BOGO free restaurant coupon from Chipotle for a Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Salad or Order of Tacos.

A Love Story online game allows you to test memory skills by matching up real Chipotle ingredients while being careful not to select the imposters (added flavor or added color cards). Everyone who plays the game will receive a mobile Buy-One/Get-One (BOGO) free entrée offer redeemable at any Chipotle in the U.S. or Canada just for playing. The coupon is valid through 11/30/16.

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A Love Story” illustrates how competition among food businesses has caused food to become increasingly processed and filled with added colors and flavors. The film –- which has been viewed more than 61 million times — follows the story of two young entrepreneurs, Ivan and Evie, and the escalating rivalry that leads them to build competing fast food empires with vast menus and heavily processed food.


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