Free Birthday Meals at The Fresh Fish Company

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Register today with The Fresh Fish Company to receive birthday and anniversary FREEBIES! Privileged guests at The Fresh Fish Company will receive a birthday discount OFF their entrée, equal to their age!

Just for signing up, you will also receive $10 OFF your next check, as well as $20 OFF two entrées each year for your anniversary! Spend your next special occasion with The Fresh Fish Company and enjoy some of the best seafood in Denver for a stress-free price!

The Fresh Fish Company

Coupon for Signing Up

  • $10 OFF your check just for signing up. $20 OFF two entries on each anniversary of your club registration. $20 OFF two entries each year for your wedding anniversary.
  • Coupon valid for 30 days.
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Birthday Meal Coupon

  • Receive a discount off your entree equal to your age.
  • Coupon valid 10 days before your birthday, on your birthday and 10 days after.
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